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Take Aim: A Love Story, issue 1 (print edition)

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Take Aim: A Love Story, issue 1 (print edition)

Remember that time when you "or that friend of yours" (yeah, okay) met that girl when she ripped off one of the pumpkins that you were growing in your backyard's patch, and you followed her to her house, and she had the gall to put the goddamned gourd right there for everybody to see on her windowsill, so you met up with her and her girlfriend to tell her to give it back, "or else," even though you didn't really know what "or else" entailed, and she said no, and then she followed you to the diner and the two of you talked about what you wouldn't fuck up in each other's houses because obviously you can't just let this go, and even if she was really cute and you couldn't stop thinking about her, this is war, and there is no way you're giving out pumpkins for free? No you don't, because it never happened, liar! Enjoy just how much it didn't happen in issue #1 of Take Aim!



One (1) fresh, bran-new, non-dogeared trade paperback

36 (90gsm, pure white) pages (wear special mylar gloves whilst turning so as not to smudge)
Perfect bound, like his favorite genitals
7x10.5 inches, like her favorite genitals
Glossy cover, functioning as sneeze-guard
Not written by some thick-as-shit millennial
Handy to-do lists (take out trash, help stupid kids with homework, feed pet, murder asshole on Twitter, wash disabled spouse's hair, process laundry, etc.)
Useful address book, like your grandma's
Bulleted and numbered lists to itemize everything, you flippin' autist
Page for notes (vent while on your period)

Take Aim: A Love Story, issue 1 (print edition)

0 ratings