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Take Aim: A Love Story, issue 2 (print edition)

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Take Aim: A Love Story, issue 2 (print edition)

Small towns were still burglar's paradises in '83: high trust, few cops, almost no video surveillance, easily picked locks, glass as malleable as jam, nobody around because everybody's actually at work and school, including mom. Until that horrible day when he got home early and shotgunned the cocksucker who was trying to pinch his TV!!

Just kidding! This issue is all about pranks, vandalism and flirtation.

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One (1) fresh-out-of-the-shower, gee-its-hair-smells-terrific trade paperback

36 (90gsm, pure white) pages (won't tear like that semi-glossy rice paper on which all the colors bleed)
Perfect bound, like me
7x10.5 inches, so it'll fit right in with your other comics that suck in contrast
Glossy cover from which blood and semen can be cleanly absterged (cops probably can't detect it)
Not written by some millennial whose conception of history began in 1990
Handy to-do lists (rake leaves, dump old CRT TV off of overpass, clean gutter, call mother(-in-law?) to tell her she's a cunt)
Useful address book that you'll never use if you're under 40
Bulleted and numbered lists on which to catalogue your gay interests
Page for notes (outline that anti-Zionist manifesto)
$1,000,000 once you're done with it ;)

Take Aim: A Love Story, issue 2 (print edition)

0 ratings
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